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It's been 30 years.

The amazing finale between Hero and Villain had finally finished. The Legendary Boy, put down in the books of old, had won. The vast continent of Griffindale was safe and secure from the fiend that threatened it's very existence. The World was saved.
Then, The Dominion rose.
They took everything from the boy. They took his wife. They took his sword. They took everything. Except his son. And now, it's down to him and his friends to save the land of Griffindale, once and for all. The Villain strikes back, and there's only one person that can defeat him. But there's a problem. The Prophecy states that the Hero's son has a Doppelgänger.
And it can't be killed.

Published May 16, 2016
StatusIn development
AuthorFerret Entertainment
GenreRole Playing

Install instructions

Note: The download below might warn you that it could contain a virus. This is because the game is compressed into an .exe file and Windows does not like downloading this file as it could be a virus, but however I assure you that this file is safe to download.


Demo.exe 291 MB